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Anna Cooke, editor of The New Barker, photographs

The Dog Whisperer, who stated uneqivocally..."I know this magazine...and I love it."


The New Barker reaches your customers: people who love their dogs and want the very best for them, in terms of products, activities, healthcare, nutrition, training, education and entertainment.

The New Barker reader takes an active interest in the health and well-being of their dogs and is willing to spend money on products and activities for their canine companions. Our reader is likely to shop at higher end, neighborhood pet stores, pay for professional training classes and grooming, purchase high quality food and toys, travel with their dog on weekend getaways, and take their dog to the dog park or doggie day care more than twice a week.

Our reader also includes professionals such as veterinarians, trainers, groomers, walkers, sitters and pet suppliers, all with a vested interest in the well-being of dogs.

The New Barker fills a much needed niche in supplying the dog lovers with everything they want and need to know about life with dogs in Florida.


~ Now in its 11th year, THE NEW BARKER continues to grow with each issue, in both subscribers and advertisers.

~ The lifestyle magazine reaches more than 30,000 dog lovers each quarter.

~ THE NEW BARKER has a qualified buyer in every reader. We know who they are — and they want to know who you are. It is Florida's Top Dog Lifestyle Magazine.

~ It is the art, entertainment and lifestyle journal for Florida's hip canine culture.

~ THE NEW BARKER has supported rescue groups, law enforcement canine units, military working dog charities and shelters across Florida since 2006, with in-kind contributions exceeding $945,000.

~ In 2016 alone, THE NEW BARKER contributed in-kind donations of more than $139,000 to rescue organizations throughout Florida to help promote their causes.

~ Want to know where to dine, play, stay and have fun with your dog in Florida? Subscribe to THE NEW BARKER and never miss another issue again. A subscription is $18 to have four issues mailed to you.

~ THE NEW BARKER encourages dog owners to get out and socialize with their dogs.

~ Every cover of THE NEW BARKER features an original painting by a different Florida artist.

~ Several of our cover artists have commissioned portraits that sell in the tens of thousand of dollars. Many are world renowned including Pat Weaver, Michelle Mardis, Linda Chapman & Emerson. Chapman's works are on permanent display at New York's MOMA (Museum of Modern Art).

~ Our readership of affluent, active and dedicated dog lovers will maximize your advertising exposure by providing you with direct, long-term recognition of your product or service. Our mission of education can be enhanced by promoting products and services for a dog's health, happiness, comfort and safety. It is an excellent opportunity for you to reach dog lovers directly, while supporting a publication that promotes and encourages what you believe in.

Advertising in THE NEW BARKER is the best way

to make your customers sit up and stay.

Put THE NEW BARKER  to work for your business.

It's the only proven way to make sure your advertising dollars are being spent wisely.

Learn more about our multidimensional advertising & promotional opportunities.

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